at the corner of
Makawao Ave.
and Baldwin Ave. Makawao, Maui
see map

11am - 10pm
7 days a week

Happy Hour
4:00pm - 5:30pm
Monday - Friday

Polli's was originally opened in 1981 by Polli (Contreras) Smith as a Mexican restaurant which featured her favorite family recipes. Ten years later I acquired the restaurant from Polli, and through the years we have worked with a number of different chefs and have expanded the menu, we still feature Polli's original recipes and maintain her dedication to serving only the freshest Mexican dishes possible.

I grew up in the restaurant business in the U.S. Virgin Islands where my first job was as a waiter in the 1960's at Sid's Deli. Sid would take in wayward kids and teach us the value of a job. The sign out front read "Come in and eat or we will both starve," and I hang that same sign in front of Polli's out of respect for Sid. The sign also reminds us that eating out is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, and Polli's strives to provide this environment while still serving up great tasting dishes and drinks.

Aside from the food, Polli's greatest asset is our dedicated staff. Many of our wonderful staff have been working at Polli's for ten or twenty years, which is rare in the modern restaurant industry. Our employees are proud to be a part of Polli's and are dedicated to providing you with the best experience possible.

If for some strange reason we drop the ball, please let us know right away so we can make it right. Our goal is to have you step out of our door in a better mood than when you came in. You're welcome to call our office at 572-0080 for any suggestions, complaints, or compliments you may have.

For the last 30 years Polli's has believed in giving back to the community, and we will continue to do so in the future. Thanks to our dedicated employees I've recently been able to travel more, and having witnessed the extreme poverty and lack of education during time spent in Cambodia, I decided I wanted to make a difference. I recently joined forces with my son, Kyle, to create a nonprofit geared towards providing educational grants for deserving students in Cambodia. If you're interested in this program please visit our web page at onedegreeforward.org. Or, ask your server for our card. I love to talk about this program, so feel free to call me if you're interested in changing a life.

Thank you again for choosing to dine with Polli's Mexican Restaurant.

- Tim and Polli's staff